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I'm so glad Love Is Murder CON is back.

-Mike Manno
Author of Murder Most Holy


Our 2015 schedule has just been finalized and you're the first to see it. The individual rooms will be assigned shortly, but here are the tracks, topics and special events to help you plan your conference!

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Our exit surveys filled out by the attendees indicated that you wanted more programs and panels that spoke to the business of writing. We have developed four distinct tracks for LIM 2015: CAREER, CRAFT, CREATIVE, and CONNECTIONS.

Why do we call them ‘tracks’? We want the panels and workshops to highlight paths that lead to success! The three programs in the CAREER TRACK are examples of what we’ll be offering.  

This track is designed to explain and encourage the aspiring writer and published author to keep current on advice that can kick start or restart writing careers.  Publishers, agents, and editors offer advice, tips and cautionary tales.
  •     Sign before you Sell?
  •     One published author and one signed author and their agent talk about the dynamics between the differences.
  •     Each brings a different commodity to the table. It’s always a business.
  •     Multiple Houses
  •     Two authors, one agent and one editor talk about writing for more than one house.
  •     Nuts and Bolts
  •     An IP attorney and a tax specialist explain how to avoid a career in flames or tax penalties.
  • Writing techniques, writing motivation, writing tips
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Listen in on how three successful authors hit deadlines and keep organized. Learn how they use four “bags” of their ideas, writing and editing.
  • How to Write a Synopsis that gets Read
  • An in depth session on how to capture your story and sell your story in an outline. What should be there and what should not. Options on how to structure and tips on how to introduce backstory, escalate character involvement and lay in key points.
This is where the expert tracks run:  
  • Woman’s Correctional Facility Warden
  • DNA meets ABA. Special presentation between a Forensic Specialist and a Special Prosecutor  
  • Polygraph
  • How to Flim Flam
  • Humor: “Here’s Johnny” Why is it funny when Jack Nicholson says it?
  • Ghostbusters: Demonstration on methods and equipment
  • Body Farm—Marlene Lantz
  • Marketing a book is a book is a book…
  • Make sure you understand the umbrella of marketing and what goes under it. Two PR/Marketing specialists explain the bedrock of marketing.
  • Networking is not for the faint of heart
  • Develop a succinct, compelling platform blurb. Use one on the jacket and one on the ‘elevator’. An interactive session with seasoned authors who have identified the need for networking and have discovered that it can be fun. Role play your way to higher visibility at events and long lasting connections. This session will be limited to 15 attendees.
  • Event Planning
  • What to bring to a signing? What should my table look like? Stand up? Sit down? FRIGHT, FRIGHT, FRIGHT!
  • How do I create a meaningful and fun give away? Bring postcards and bookmarks to this event for a hands on demonstration.
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