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I want to thank you.... for working so hard to put on a conference that benefits so many. Excellent facilities, well planned events, and helpful folks always available to answer questions puts this event in a class by itself.

-Amy Alessio


To view our final 2015 schedule, please click HERE.  The schedule you will find on this page (below) does not reflect final panels/room assignments.


Our exit surveys filled out by the attendees indicated that you wanted more programs and panels that spoke to the business of writing. We have developed four distinct tracks for LIM 2015: CAREER, CRAFT, CREATIVE, and CONNECTIONS.

Why do we call them ‘tracks’? We want the panels and workshops to highlight paths that lead to success! The three programs in the CAREER TRACK are examples of what we’ll be offering.  


This track is designed to explain and encourage the aspiring writer and published author to keep current on advice that can kick start or restart writing careers.  Publishers, agents, and editors offer advice, tips and cautionary tales.

  •     Sign before you Sell?
  •     One published author and one signed author and their agent talk about the dynamics between the differences.
  •     Each brings a different commodity to the table. It’s always a business.
  •     Multiple Houses
  •     Two authors, one agent and one editor talk about writing for more than one house.
  •     Nuts and Bolts
  •     An IP attorney and a tax specialist explain how to avoid a career in flames or tax penalties.


  • Writing techniques, writing motivation, writing tips
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Listen in on how three successful authors hit deadlines and keep organized. Learn how they use four “bags” of their ideas, writing and editing.
  • How to Write a Synopsis that gets Read
  • An in depth session on how to capture your story and sell your story in an outline. What should be there and what should not. Options on how to structure and tips on how to introduce backstory, escalate character involvement and lay in key points.


This is where the expert tracks run:  

  • Woman’s Correctional Facility Warden
  • DNA meets ABA. Special presentation between a Forensic Specialist and a Special Prosecutor  
  • Polygraph
  • How to Flim Flam
  • Humor: “Here’s Johnny” Why is it funny when Jack Nicholson says it?
  • Ghostbusters: Demonstration on methods and equipment
  • Body Farm—Marlene Lantz


  • Marketing a book is a book is a book…
  • Make sure you understand the umbrella of marketing and what goes under it. Two PR/Marketing specialists explain the bedrock of marketing.
  • Networking is not for the faint of heart
  • Develop a succinct, compelling platform blurb. Use one on the jacket and one on the ‘elevator’. An interactive session with seasoned authors who have identified the need for networking and have discovered that it can be fun. Role play your way to higher visibility at events and long lasting connections. This session will be limited to 15 attendees.
  • Event Planning
  • What to bring to a signing? What should my table look like? Stand up? Sit down? FRIGHT, FRIGHT, FRIGHT!
  • How do I create a meaningful and fun give away? Bring postcards and bookmarks to this event for a hands on demonstration.
    Creative Career Craft Connections Special Events
  9-10am Registration opens at 9 am
  10-11am           Brunch with Our Headliners (separate ticketed event; max. 10 participants)  
  12-1pm They Did the Crime, Now They Do the Time: An Insider's Look at Life in a Woman's Correctional Facility Gale Borger Agents Explain the Pitch Process and Protocol Marcy Posner [et al]     Marketing

PR/Marketing Specialists discuss hot trends and proven methods to market
  1-2pm Keep Your Powder Dry and Your Stories "FARB": Civil War Weapons Display and History

Bob Borger
Multiple Houses:

Agents and Editors discuss the benefits, best practices and pitfalls of writing for more than one House
      Meet the Headliners - Sisters in Crime Interviews Three Sisters and a Mister  
  MWA Writers Track Valuable Information on:

1. Writing Techniques 2. Writing Motivations 3. Writing Tips
Stop! You're Killing Me Questions about "how to" with Medical Accuracy

Dave Ciambrone
Networking is Not for the Faint of Heart! Successful Authors Tell What it Takes to Make Connections in this Industy  
  2-3pm TBD CONTRACTS: Agents discuss the Good, the Bad and the Ugly about contracts....Don't Want it Too Much!    
  Law & Order, Process

vs. Poetic License

Is the "truth and nothing but the truth" too boring to write? Join a judge, a cop and a couple of authors to find out
  3-4pm Flim Flam: The Art Behind the Sting Presenter: Dave Ciambrone PITCH PERFECT MWA Writers Track : Tips from the Pros

- Writing the Best Synopsis

- How to Clear the Clutter

- Query Letters that Get Read
Event Planning

A marketing "dynamo" explains how to set up and succeed at your own events
  Character-Based Humor

Is the protagonist the straight man for endearing secondary characters?
MASTER CLASS WITH ANNE PERRY (separate ticketed event)  
  4-5pm Follow-Up Roundtable

Presenters from the above sessions will be available to answer questions
  Follow-Up Roundtable

Opportunity to ask more questions, fine tune, and maybe get a do- over
Follow-Up Roundtable

Presenters from the above sessions will be available to answer questions
  Follow-Up Roundtable

Presenters from the above sessions will be available to answer questions
Champagne Tour with Headliners (except for Master Class)
  5-6pm     Author Signings

(Authors who have presented on Friday)

Greg King Stand-Up Comedy Routine Greg King will emcee an Open Mike
    Creative Career Craft Connections Special Events
  8-9am Continental Breakfast

First-Timers Presentation - Hosted by C3, Austin Camacho
  9-10am DNA Expert Kara Stefanson, a cop and a prosecutor:

How DNA evidence impacts court cases
    Agents Explain the Pitch Process and Protocol Marcy Posner [et al] Tips to Format Your Book Before You Submit to an Editor or Agent   Non-Fiction: When Truth Wins Out E-Book Bump

How to Create Collaborative Online Marketing
  10-11am     MASTER CLASS WITH ZOE SHARP (separate ticketed event)
      Agents and Literary Lawyers Talking Contracts Expert Tips on E- Formats and Online Publication   Beyond Research: How They Make the "Then" Relevant to "Now" (Yesterday in Their Minds) How to Market Anthologies - It's Not All About YOU!

A Conversation with Don Evans (Chicago Literary Hall of Fame) and Tori Collins (Chicago Writers Association)
  The Coroner and the Bug Doctor!

Marlene Lantz & Dr. Neal Haskell explain how insects solve the mysteries of the dead.
PITCH PERFECT Agent/Editor Gong Show


How to make Your Synopsis Scintillating and Get Your Query Answered
"Cozy" is Not a Four- Letter Word Moral Accountability

Are authors respon- sible for the actions others take because of their stories?
How and Where to Promote Your Work Diane Hinds, publicist Don Gingold, web design/promotions  
  Polygraph - Can You Fool It?

Deanne Theodore will explain the metrics in place to catch the bad guys
Editors talk from the Acquisition Perspective Story Development

How does a story grow? Linear, corkscrew, or checkerboard?
Suspense Young Adult

Is the trend darker? Can teens handle it? Jacqueline Mitchard, Amy Alessio, Kathleen Ernst
  Crime Scene Open for Viewing
  Ghost Hunting - What you Need and How it Works

Dale Kaczmarek
  Day Job vs. Dream

When dreams come true and collide with reality
The Venn Intersect: Historicals, Romances & Traditionals - You are "Here" Chicago Writers Association Talks Non- Fiction    

Tea Time (separate ticket event)

Zoe Sharp and Jamie Freveletti mix it up (... and we don't mean TEA)

  Anne Perry Film, Put Your Heart on the Page (2013)   Experts Round-up

Further conversation with Saturday presenters
Paranormal Panel Police Procedurals      
  Author Signings for all Authors on Saturday Panels
  6pm +


Join 4 authors as they share the chaos in their minds. Audience participation required.

    Creative Career Craft Track Connections

U.S. / U.K. - Two Nations Divided by a Common Genre
  Quirky Crafts Singularly Different Interests - How to Weave them Into Your Stories Protect Your Work and Watch Your Step Rejean Morgan, Intellectual Property Attorney   Librarians Panel - How to Get (and Keep) Your Book on Our Shelves
  Boomer Lit

Is this Chick Lit all grown up or a new phenomenon?
Tax Tips to Keep You Safe and Profitable Terri Stone   Promote or Perish! Making Yourself Known
  Round-up - Final Q&A

Author Signing for all Authors on Sunday Panels
  12pm + MWA Meeting
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