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Conferences such as Love Is Murder are a great way for authors to meet agents. Often they end up in business together. In my own case, in 2004, I was a speaker at LIM. Looking for a new agent, I crossed paths with Miriam Goderich from Dystel/Goderich Literary Management. She gave a one-hour talk about agents and how the D/G agency worked. I talked to her further and eventually asked D/G to represent me.

-David Morell
New York Times best selling author
Master Class with Heather Graham

Master Classes with Anne Perry and Zoe Sharp

LIM is proud to offer two master classes for 2015, taught by featured headliners Anne Perry and Zoe Sharp. These two top-selling authors have plenty to share about the art and craft of writing.

Take one master class for $75, or get a discount on both classes for $100.

Put Your Heart on the Page: Plotting to Enhance Your Backstory (with Anne Perry)

Backstories of minor characters, especially antagonists, can greatly enrich your fiction. The specific emotions, memories and experiences you give them, unraveled bit by bit, help build dramatic tension.  Plotting rich backstories determines and thus reveals these characters’ tastes, reactions, and relationships, making the characters unforgettable.

Best-selling author Anne Perry guides you through the process of creating compelling backstories, and through them giving added depth to your storytelling.

Getting Your Plot Together (with Zoe Sharp)
This master class, led by best-selling thriller author Zoe Sharp, examines all the important elements of sitting down to write a crime novel, including the most important aspect: defining suspense and mystery versus thriller. Come and learn whether/when to plot; how to outline and summarize, for yourself, for the pitch, and for jacket copy; and other invaluable skills of the crime writer’s trade such as picking a jumping-off point, raising the stakes, the MacGuffin, how to pace, chapter breaks and cliffhangers, and how to craft an opening line that grabs the reader from the get-go. 

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