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for the 2016 Con

Peggy Tracy had some terrific stories about forensic accounting, and Rhys Bowen was very engaging as well. What I liked least about LIM 2011? Having to leave!!

PitchPerfect, PagePerfect, QueryPerfect Protocol

Publishers, Agents & Editors: please scroll down to review guidelines

What is PitchPerfect, PagePerfect, QueryPerfect?

authors pitch to agents and publishers at Love is Murder ConferencePitchPerfect is your opportunity to pitch (sell) your idea or completed book to top agents, editors and publishers in attendance at LIMCon. These high-powered, influential decision-makers are looking for new authors, great ideas and outstanding manuscripts -- and yours might be just the one they're looking for!

What if you're not quite ready to pitch? You can have an agent/editor/publisher look at your query letter or even a first page to see if you're on the right track

LIMCon seeks out publishing professionals from Chicago and New York and brings them to the conference so attendees can meet them to pitch their ideas and books. This year's con has a new twist to give you even more help in getting published: during your 15 minutes with the editor(s), publisher(s) and/or agent(s) you sign up for, you'll have the opportunity to either pitch your idea, show them a page from your manuscript, or get advice on how to write a query that will get their attention!

PitchPerfect-QueryPerfect-PagePerfect is just $50 (you must be registered for at least one full day of the con), to meet one-on-one with the agents, editors and publishers you choose, based on your genre and the work these folks are looking for. To date, more than a dozen authors have won contracts through contacts they made at PitchPerfect -- you could be next!

PitchPerfect is open ONLY to registered attendees. Be sure to add PitchPerfect to your registration as slots fill up fast. If you've already registered and have now decided you want to add a PitchPerfect session, email Mary Eagan or Wally Cwik to be sure you get a seat at PitchPerfect!

To meet some of the publishers, editors and agents coming to LIMCon 2016, go to the Who's Who page (and keep checking back as new people are added)

How to Fast Pitch

  • Practice your pitch to include the salient points—definitive type or sub-genre of mystery; what sets your manuscript apart from others in this category; etc. Make your platform “slick and quick.”
  • Be prepared to list any previously published work if asked.
  • Don't chitchat; pleasantries take up valuable time.
  • When the doors open, take a place in line at the table of the person to whom you want to pitch.
  • When the lights flash, begin your pitch. When the lights flash again, move quickly to the next line. Continue around the room in this manner until the pitch session ends.
  • Bring business cards with your contact information and give them to the agents or editors with whom you meet. If you don't have business cards, use small index cards with your information and include a short sentence describing your manuscript (but you really SHOULD have business cards if you want to be regarded as a publishable author!)
  • Try pitching to all the agents and editors. Be aware that some lines may be longer than others, so take that into consideration as you move from table to table. Don’t be discouraged if you’re unable to speak with someone during the first pitch session; there will be 3 sessions, giving you sufficient time to speak with everyone present.
  • LIM volunteers will be on hand to help keep the lines moving and the center of the room clear. Please be considerate if you're asked to do something by a volunteer. They are there to help everyone get their fair chance to pitch.
  • Lastly, have fun! Be creative, but not bizarre!


LIMCon Chicago Publisher, Editor and Agent Guidelines

Publishers: To qualify as a publisher who can take pitches at LIMCon you must:

1. Offer clients editing, formatting and distribution for their work, either as a print or e-book, or both, without any charges to the author.

2. Offer a fair contract that conforms to industry standards with regard to royalties, rights and additional works by the author.

3. No publisher taking pitches during LIM may promote any personal work alongside that of authors published under their imprint. Publisher/authors may not submit their own books for Lovey Awards in competition against books by authors they publish. Publisher/authors may sell books in the bookstore, but may not appear on any panels to promote their own work.

Editors: To qualify as an editor who can take pitches at LIMCon Chicago you must represent a legitimate publisher currently accepting work by new authors, with or without an agent.

Agents: By agreeing to come to LIMCon Chicago and take pitches you agree:

1. That you are actively seeking new clients.

2. That if you agree to see additional work from any author who pitches to you during Love is Murder, you will respond to their submissions, either in the affirmative or in the negative, in a timely manner, no later than six months after the conference.

3. That you comply with the governing rules of the AAR, including: “Members shall not represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction.”

We understand that you are busy, but we have had many complaints that people never hear a single word back for the whole year and then they see the same agent taking pitches a year later. We charge people to pitch and we expect, as they do, to provide a tangible service in exchange. We cannot assess this without at least a modicum of feedback to the authors who pitch at LIMCon Chicago.


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