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Conferences such as Love Is Murder are a great way for authors to meet agents. Often they end up in business together. In my own case, in 2004, I was a speaker at LIM. Looking for a new agent, I crossed paths with Miriam Goderich from Dystel/Goderich Literary Management. She gave a one-hour talk about agents and how the D/G agency worked. I talked to her further and eventually asked D/G to represent me.

-David Morell
New York Times best selling author
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Author Spotlight

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Kill and Run
By Lauren Carr
Detectives Sift Thru Lies & Cover-Ups
To Uncover Why Five Strangers Met to be Murdered
Books by Helen Osterman 
Author of the Emma Winberry Mysteries. Notes in a Mirror,  
paranormal/historical Song of the Rails, a love story Maker's Mark,
a mystery Danger by Design, a Net Petrone mystery 
Rogue Wave, and an Emma Winberry mystery/ adventure coming soon. 

Murder Across the Ocean
By Charlene Wexler
Lori was all smiles until she saw Josh's bloody corpse lying in the bed.
By Richard Davidson

Arthur Blake gets pressured to solve simultaneous cases, including deaths
at a rehabilitation home and an apparent instance of life after death.

Shall We Not Revenge
 by D. M. Pirrone

Just after the Great Chicago Fire, Irish rookie detective
Frank Hanley investigates a rabbi's murder.

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