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I want to thank you.... for working so hard to put on a conference that benefits so many. Excellent facilities, well planned events, and helpful folks always available to answer questions puts this event in a class by itself.

-Amy Alessio
Who's Who

Meet the Agents, Editors and Publishers
Meet the Bookseller

2016 Attending
Adelene Ellenberg
Amy Alessio
Barbara Medeiros
Carman Curton
Carol DeBiak
Carolyn Allen
CC Dragon
Charlene Wexler
Cheryl Hollon
Cici Edward
D. M. Pirrone
D. M. Pirrone
Dan Hawkins
DB Kennison
Donna DiMaria
Donna Malacina
Dr. David Ciambrone
E.C. Diskin
Evelyn Cullet
Gail Lukasik
Helen Osterman
J. Michael Major
James Hammonds
James Hammonds
Jan Coy
Janette McNana
Jeanne Meeks
Joyce A. Krol
Judith Akers
Julene Kmiecik
Juli Schatz
Julia Buckley
Julia Kellman
Kelly Vos
L. D. Barnes
Lori Rader-Day
Marilyn Upchurch
Mary Eagan
Mary V. Welk
Michele (M. E.) May
Nana A. Herron
Nancy Fifield
Patricia Skalka
Rachael Passan
Renee James
Richard Davidson
Savannah Reynard
Shane Gericke
Shane Gericke
Sharon Williamson
Steven Gulbrandsen
Steven Kuehn
Susanna Calkins
Tauna Sonn-LeMarbe
Tony Perona
Wally Duff

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