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We are Delighted to Welcome

Allison Brennan


Michael Lister


and Local Featured Authors 

Tasha Alexander and Andrew Grant

to LIMCon Chicago 2016

Check back here and our Facebook page often for more news and info about the authors and topics to be featured at the new con!

for the 2016 Con

What Folks Say
Conferences such as Love Is Murder are a great way for authors to meet agents. Often they end up in business together. In my own case, in 2004, I was a speaker at LIM. Looking for a new agent, I crossed paths with Miriam Goderich from Dystel/Goderich Literary Management. She gave a one-hour talk about agents and how the D/G agency worked. I talked to her further and eventually asked D/G to represent me.

-David Morell
New York Times best selling author
Conference News

29 Sep 2015

How to be Social on Social Media

by Kate Gingold, Sprocket Websites

Author: Juli Schatz
Article rating: No rating

18 Sep 2015

Something (Else!) Fun to Do While You're in Chicago for LIMCon

Chicago Crime Tours

Just returned from a WONDERFUL afternoon downtown with Chicago Crime Tours. Britain was an amazing guide...It’s pretty interesting how much you can still learn after living in the same city for 50+ years! Read more
Author: Juli Schatz
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1 Sep 2015

Author: Juli Schatz
Article rating: No rating

28 Aug 2015

A Novel Approach to Publicity for Fiction Writers

By Marcia Friedman, EMSI Public Relations

Article at a glance:

  • For maximum exposure, establish yourself as an expert.
  • Look to your research, experience, book themes for ideas.
  • Follow the news so you can craft timely pitches.
Read more
Author: Juli Schatz
Article rating: 3.0

27 Aug 2015

Should Authors Have a Facebook Profile or Page?

If you are wondering whether authors should have a presence on Facebook, the answer is definitely “yes.” But if you are wondering whether you should have a Facebook Page or a Facebook Profile, the answer is less definite. Each one has pros and cons that you’ll have to weigh for yourself.

Read more
Author: Kate Gingold
Article rating: 5.0
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